How to Win Dominobet

Maybe there are still many enthusiasts of this dominobet game and in fact this game is very easy to play, plus the cards used in this game only use 3 cards and 4 cards and the type of dominobet game.

In this gambling game, there are card levels that can be from the highest to the lowest, so before playing directly dominobet, it’s good to understand and understand first how to play dominobet so you don’t get it wrong later.

All right, just go straight to the problem of card level starting from the highest to the lowest, so even though they know about dominobet, maybe some Indonesians are still confused about how to get 6 god cards, big pure cards, pure small etc., now for that players don’t need to worry because here will explain how to understand the dominobet card level.

6 God Cards

Of the 28 dominobet cards there are only 4 cards 6 so if you get a card, of course in this dominobet game, this is the highest and even can no longer be defeated by the value of other dominonbet cards, so to get this card it may take a very, very, very patient because it will be very difficult and may require an unexpected luck even getting a jackpot from a dominobet.

4 Ballak

The second card after 6 gods is also high but of course still loses to the above, where to be able to get 4 ballaks in a dominobet game is not considered difficult because 28 dominobet cards have 7 ballak cards so if you can get 4 of them then roulette is definitely the opponent. others will not get the same hand in this dominobet game.

Pure Great

Well, for this one, it is usually most often obtained when playing dominobets because purely large is calculated from the amount of the calculated value in the card, so to understand and understand how to get pure big, of course some people will know because there are some parts of the dominobet card that are included in the big count. For example, 12, 11, 10, 10, so if you get these 4 cards, bettors will definitely get a big pure.

Small Pure

So in this dominobet there are also purely small ones so this can be more difficult to get because even though the three cards have a small count and for taking the fourth card, you will not necessarily get the same thing, it could be that in a dominobet the card that will be taken to be made pure is large large cards so to be said to be purely small, especially cards that must be owned reach a count of 9 and are in small numbers.

Kiuh – Kiuh

It is no denying that getting kiuh-kiuh card in the game dominobet maybe everyone will S128 a little more happy, because it tends to be easy to get so in dominobet to get kiuh or dominoqqkiuh card must have a 9-9 card numbers.

Hopefully without a picture and a little short story can make some friends understand if you want to try playing dominobet and always remember to look for a place that can provide comfort in terms of transactions and wins, so all good and bad decisions are in the hands of your own friends. That is all and thank you.